About Us

We Provide Value

Our mission is to give a voice to businesses in a fast-paced, online society. Through our professionally developed and tested strategies, we gather high quality, relevant content, and market online. Vizzion Media provides services to innovate and grow your brand. We know marketing online is tedious, we take care of it so that you can focus solely on your mission.

Our Team

German Chacon Official Picture

German Chacon

Marketing Executive

I am a social media expert, I started with building my own brand and through it have learned how to build a brand story and pass a message. I am a communicator that focuses on the goal. Marketing is my passion, and I market the value in the products and services of the customer in a unique and professional way.

Zach Schermerhorn

Creative Director
I am a passionate videographer, photographer, and graphic designer. I have  years of experience in the field.Quality is very important to me, and my work reflects that. You will get the best possible quality in all your products from us. Media is my passion, and I know how to effectively communicate ideas through graphics and videos.
Zach Schermerhorn Official Picture
Jin Ning official picture
Jin Ning official picture

Jibin Ning

Technical Lead

I am a full stack developer, with experience in both front end and back end web development. As a professional developer, I’m all about finding the best and most efficient way to solve digital problems. Programming is my passion and it fuels my desire to provide efficient software through both online and offline means.

Core Values

At Vizzion Media We have a deeply set value system that we prioritize with all of our customers.


You get the best of what we can do at all levels of pricing.


What you see about us is what you get. Everything is on the table, so you know exactly what you are getting and when you get it.


You get what you ask for in a timely manner, and we will give it everything we have to meet your deadlines.


If we take you on as a client, we respect your beliefs and believe in your mission. Your mission becomes our mission.


There are times we will need to adapt and change in order to meet your needs.


Even in business there must be trust between those who work together. We believe that with all the above we can build trust with you.

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